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To customer maintenance products please pay attention to the following matters:
All along, NOHON (nohon) to provide products and services to the most comprehensive, the most suitable and best quality for the user. With the establishment of the company NOHON (nohon) and NOHON (nohon) customer service center fully operational, we launched customer service service mode the new warranty service (including China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).
All customers in the mainland, Hongkong, Macao China and Taiwan area due to buy NOHON pipeline (nohon) (authorized receipt or formal invoice), can be found in NOHON (nohon) customer service center to enjoy the product free warranty service, let you travel in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more convenient.
Different ways to facilitate inquiries:
Users can directly call NOHON (nohon) customer service hotline (4000579123) query related matters; or by NOHON (nohon) official website ( query, or email online consultation.
Manufacturer's limited liability guarantee:
Please note that the limited warranty does not affect your right beyond the rights and interests of the consumer as provided for in Chinese law.
NOHON (nohon) to those who have already purchased included in the sales package ("product") in NOHON (nohon) provides the limited warranty product source
NOHON (nohon) to assure you: during the warranty period, NOHON (nohon) customer service center will be in accordance with the limited warranty for the maintenance of products, or if the NOHON (nohon) alone decide the necessity of product replacement (unless otherwise specified), in order to trade within a reasonable period of time for free to correct the defects of design and process materials, products. This limited warranty is only for NOHON (nohon) in People's Republic of China (including the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan) ("China") sales of products, and only in the effective Chinese.
Maintenance period:
The manufacturer's limited warranty period is also referred to as the maintenance period"
The maintenance period starts with the first yuan, and the end user buys the product.
The product may include a number of different components, while the different components apply the following different maintenance periods
Exchange and maintenance process description:
Direct purchase at NOHON direct store and direct store;
To provide better customer service, for customers to buy NOHON products (nohon) from the date of the first 15 days will be regarded as "the inspection period, the inspection period of the existence of doubts about the quality of the products, can be directly to the retailer advisory, record, and demands the return, replacement or warranty; or directly contact NOHON customer service center (nohon) consult, record, and demands the return, replacement or warranty;
The case is approved, product return related retailers or NOHON (nohon) customer service center of the freight shall be paid in advance of customer. Receive and return products after NOHON (nohon) and retailers will have the right to check, the product by the prosecution confirmed the product is indeed due to product quality problems, related expenses incurred by the return process NOHON (nohon) and retailers bear (prepaid freight return), if the inspection shows that the products of non product quality problems (such as improper operation caused by the customer) customer need to bear the round-trip freight inspection process, freight prepaid will not return, and return the product to the user when the courier will be used to pay".
The first 15 days of the inspection period of any non product quality problems, customers also have the right to request NOHON (nohon) and retailers to return; but back, replacement expenses arising shall be borne by the customer. If you enjoy the initial purchase, free shipping service, the customer must pay the freight.
If more than 15 days inspection period product quality problems, in principle, no refund, replacement, but still enjoy the product warranty period warranty service.
In NOHON (nohon) other dealers buy pipeline:
On the principle of NOHON (nohon) advocate "where to buy where to provide customer service, such as the principle of" customer is not in NOHON (nohon) official sales channels (NOHON (nohon) official mall and shop) purchased products, NOHON (nohon) customer service center will advise the customer to obtain customer service service retailers. If the customer requests required by NOHON (nohon) customer service center to provide customer service service, service process produced all expenses (such as freight) shall voluntarily undertake by the customer.
The corresponding maintenance period, any problems, please contact NOHON (nohon) customer service center and retailer, if necessary please return the product NOHON (nohon) customer service center for testing, if confirmed for reasons of product physics, NOHON (nohon) customer service center will issue the inspection report and the products for repair or replacement.
Within the limits permitted by the laws of China, the maintenance period will not be extended or renewed due to subsequent resale, maintenance, or otherwise. However, the repaired components will be guaranteed within the remaining period of the original maintenance period, or guaranteed within thirty (30) days from the date of the maintenance, whichever is in the two party. To provide better customer service, such as customer to buy NOHON products (nohon) within the first 15 days and found that the product quality problems, can be directly to the retailer replaced with a new product, or to NOHON (nohon) customer service center to replace the new products.
How to obtain warranty service?
If you want to put forward according to the limited warranty warranty requirements, you can call NOHON (FSK) free customer service hotline (4000579123) or in case of need your products